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Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Ghost Roads
Pocket Books 1999 р. 288 ст. , обкладинка: м
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In search of Jacques Regnier, the Gatekeeper's son, Buffy, Angel and Oz take off to London via the ghost roads while the rest of the gang returns to Sunnydale. The trio in England run into every possible problem; another fake Watcher leads them into a trap and the Sons of Entropy are hot on their heels. Back in Sunnydale the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman has arrived and are taking human prisoners aboard, including Giles. Meanwhile Il Maestro pleads to his lord Belphegor to spare Micaela, his adopted daughter, from the pain and suffering humans will have to deal with when the evil breaks loose. Spike and Drusilla are busy keeping Jacques Regnier hidden until the Sons of Entropy give them what they want. Angel learns that Il Maestro is in Florence and the trio sets off for it. Buffy's mom is kidnapped by the Sons of Entropy and they plan to use Joyce as bait to bring the Slayer to them. Back in Sunnydale Willow, Xander and Cordelia must figure out how to save Giles from the Flying Dutchman or he will be brought into hell when the boat leaves Sunnydale and no one makes it in to hell without dying first. In Boston the Gatehouse has become under attack again and though the Gatekeeper is weak he can still fend off the Sons of Entropy. Buffy, Angel and Oz infiltrate the Sons of Entropy base in Florence and are then captured by Il Maestro's men. There they learn that Il Mastero is an ancient sorcerer named Fulcaneli who was believed killed a long time ago. They manage to escape with the help of Micaela who realizes that what her father is doing is very wrong. They head back to Sunnydale along with Spike, Drusilla and Jacques Regnier via the ghost roads which is when Buffy learns that her mother has been captured and that Xander was shot during a rescue attempt. Buffy must rescue her mother from a fiery death...
ISBN: 0-671-02749-2
Уайльд Оскар Кентервільський привид = The Canterville Ghost 978-966-498-435-2
Кентервільський привид = The Canterville Ghost
Уайльд Оскар
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