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Murray Annie Soldier Girl [USED]

Murray Annie

Soldier Girl [USED]

2001 р. , обкладинка: м
5 оцінок: 1

59 грн. в наявності
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Molly Fox has grown up in the back streets of Birmingham at the mercy of her cruel grandfather and her drunken mother. Though she has grown into a tall, beautiful woman, Molly is haunted by terrible family secrets. When she is found lying drunk in a gutter, Molly reaches a turning point. She decides to escape by joining the army as an ATS girl.

At first her new start seems fated to be a disaster but the army gives her the encouragement she hungers for and soon her life is flourishing. But war brings tragedy as well as triumph, and when Molly receives news from home, it becomes clear that she can’t escape her past so easily.
Murray Annie Soldier Girl [USED]
Soldier Girl [USED]
Murray Annie
Annie Oosterbroek-Dutschun Wolken boven de Eykenhof. [USED]
Wolken boven de Eykenhof. [USED]
Annie Oosterbroek-Dutschun
 Мотоцикл girl-чоппер LM-1
Мотоцикл girl-чоппер LM-1
Tina Reilly Onion Girl, The. [USED]
Onion Girl, The. [USED]
Tina Reilly
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